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Credit Card Debt Reduction

Getting into debt is comfortable but getting out of it indeed a difficult task. This holds good for any kind of debt and includes credit card debt too. Credit card debt reduction needs planning and discipline in the way you spend money. Credit card debt reduction starts with a decrease in the expenditures you make using your credit card. So, the first trick for credit card reduction is to go …

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Belk Credit Card Is So Famous, But Why?

When many of the customers want to choose on a particular credit card, they would most likely look for things like customer services, low fees, and protections that are provided against theft. However, the one thing that they need to realize is that the rewards and the incentives that these …

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How to Retire Even Earlier With Side Income

To reach financial independence and retire early you need approximately 25 times your annual expenditures. This crazy large number comes from the Trinity Study completed by professors at Trinity University and is another way of stating the 4% rule. If you spend $40,000 per year then you would need $1,000,000 …

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How to Hack Your Credit Score

Would you rather: Save $12 per year? Save $1,045 per year? Go ahead, think it over. Consult with your family. I’ll wait. ‘I have a question, Paula.’ Yes? ‘$1,045 is 87 x greater than $12.’ Yes. Um, that’s not a question. ‘Does saving $1,045 require 87 x more time, effort …

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